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Who are we?

Wellington Rugby Club’s fields were situated at the old Boys High fields where the Day Hospital is currently situated in Wellington. They later received property from the local government and this is the spot where the Boland Stadium was built and which is now the home of Wellington Rugby Club. The well-known Mr Markotter, who was a man of the law in Wellington way back when, was involved with the club. History has it that he once even ran on the field for the Wellington Rugby Club First Team after there was an internal squabble about the young 17-year old, Jannie Malan, that was chosen for the team and who was said to be “too young” to qualify to play. The stadium has a capacity of about 11,000 spectators. It is used mostly for Wellington Rugby Club matches but also for the Boland Cavaliers team’s matches in the Currie Cup competition. In 1946 tragedy struck when the roof of the stadium blew off. With the help of Bertie Louw, Joubert Cilliers and the management of the club the roof

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50 Fontein Street
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+081 488 5457