Waterford Estate

  • Blauwklippen Road, Helderberg,
  • Stellenbosch, Western Cape
  • +27 (0)21 880 5300

Who are we?

Just as in winemaking, it is not about a single season, harvest or vintage - it's about continuity, longevity and perpetuation; building for the future and the generations to come. The Waterford Way is a philosophy that celebrates prosperity, life, food, wine, family and friends, and guides all that we do here at Waterford. Every guest to the farm is made to feel a part of the Waterford Way, and those who have visited are drawn back often not only to the sumptuous wines, but to the heart and soul of Waterford.


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Road, Helderberg,
Stellenbosch Western Cape
+27 (0)21 880 5300