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Who are we?

Vendôme is the name of the Le Roux family farm in Paarl where grapes destined for quality wines have been produced since 1692. It is named after the Mêr, Vendôme, Blois area, in France, the original home of the Le Roux’s. The first two Le Roux brothers, Jean and Gabriel, came to South Africa in 1688 as French Huguenots. This delightful farm, with its leafy old-Cape ambience and characterful tasting room, features two Jannie Le Roux’s: Jannie Senior – the owner, and Jannie Junior – the 10th generation, who produces quality wines in the boutique cellar.

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February 16

Lorenzo Samuels @Vendôme posted the photos: 1722_02, 1722_03 (Vendome)

5 years ago

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PO Box 36, Huguenot
Paarl Western Cape 7645
+27(0)21 863 3905