Two Tunnel MTB Trail

  • N1 Highway
  • De Doorns, Western Cape
  • 6875
  • +27 76 694 6223

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If you’re looking for a challenge or just want to enjoy the tranquillity of the nature, this is a truly memorable route. The railway Route is 13.5 km long. Both routes start at the Veldskoen Farm stall and take cyclists to the Tunnel. The Kloof Route is an easier route and only 13 km long. Alternative routes can be taken to the Kaffrarian Rifles Monument or the Appaskop view point. The two tunnel mountain bike trail traverses the northern part of the scenic Hex River Valley along one of the first railway tracks in South Africa built during the 1870′s. The route passes through one of the original twin railway tunnels after which Tunnel Station provides a good location for a midday stop. From Tunnel station, cyclists who prefer a longer route can take the 4km detour to the Kaffrarian Rifles Monument, and/or the 10km detour to Appaskop to enjoy the spectacular views. The main route of 20km is moderate but includes a few steep climbs. Optional detours extend the route to about 35km with

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March 14

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September 10

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N1 Highway
De Doorns Western Cape 6875
+27 76 694 6223