Turning Leaves

  • 6 Hospital Street
  • Montagu
  • 6720
  • +023 614 1123

Who are we?

The foundation of our work is our passion for quality. Turning Leaves has grown from humble beginnings in 1999 to a well-established manufacturer of cotton percale bedding and table linen. It started with a lifelong passion for beautiful linen and the dream to create our own unique products of exceptionally high standards. It seemed almost impossible to create something so unique, manufactured in a time-honoured way in a world where mass-production and instant gratification and yet another 'bargain', reign supreme. Nevertheless, we relentlessly pursued our dream. We had an unwavering belief that there is a niche market with an appetite for excellence. This dream has been realized and we, the owners together with a small, dedicated team, produce bespoke linen for a select clientele who keep coming back for more. 18 Years later we remain steadfastly dedicated to our original ideals. We want our customers to experience the essence of our dream, which we passionately instill in every it

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