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Who are we?

Set in the heart of the village is the well loved Temenos Retreat Centre. What began as a small contemplative garden is now flourished a renowned Retreat visited over and over again by local & overseas visitors. 

Recent Activity

September 16

Amy Rise @TEMENOS RETREAT posted a photo: I felt in tune and reconnected after visiting Temenos. A spiritual awakening awaits you (Places)

3 years ago

Amy Rise @TEMENOS RETREAT posted a photo: Such much power in silence (Places)

3 years ago

Amy Rise @TEMENOS RETREAT posted a photo: Such wise words (Places)

3 years ago

September 11

Janice Scheckter @TEMENOS RETREAT: What an incredibly special space - beautiful, peaceful gardens, many meditation spots. I loved it and it was seriously tough to leave.

3 years ago

August 23

Lorenzo Samuels @TEMENOS RETREAT posted the photos: Temenos3.webp, Temenos.webp, Temenos2.webp (Places)

3 years ago

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c/o Voortrekker & Bree STreet
McGregor Western Cape 6708
+023 625 1871