Stellenbosch Museum

  • 37 Ryneveldstreet, Erfurthuis
  • Stellenbosch, Western Cape
  • 7600
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Who are we?

The Village Museum is another must during your stay in Stellenbosch, with its four lovingly restored historic homes which you can view at your leisure, Shreuderhuis, Blettermanhuis, OM Berghs House and the beautiful Grosvenor House. A visit to any of these wonderful historical buildings is sure to be a memorable one, and is a must for anyone visiting Stellenbosch!

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September 11

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Mark Greeff @Stellenbosch Museum: Found it took the pic and everyone won 👍🏽

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Mark Greeff @Stellenbosch Museum posted a photo: That Blood thing we needed to find 🙏🏽... group 2 won (Places)

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August 27

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August 07

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37 Ryneveldstreet, Erfurthuis
Stellenbosch Western Cape 7600
+27 (21) 887 2948