SEW Leather

  • Church Street
  • Tulbagh, Western Cape
  • +0710763632

Who are we?

SEW Leather creates high quality, hand-crafted leather goods from the Tulbagh region in the Western Cape. SEW seeks to employee women in the local community and offer them an opportunity to learn and express their crafts. The products include the flagship Sofie handbag, laptop bags, wallets and various other goods. SEW can also produce custom goods for corporate companies or individual needs. Please contact Sofia Joemat at 0710763632 or visit Church street in Tulbagh to see some of her products.

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June 11

Lorenzo Samuels @SEW Leather posted the photos: SEW-Leather-Nomadicways-travel-tulbagh-christmas-in-winter6, SEW-Leather-Nomadicways-travel-tulbagh-christmas-in-winter7, SEW-Leather-Nomadicways-travel-tulbagh-christmas-in-winter3, SEW-Leather-Nomadicways-travel-tulbagh-christmas-in-winter4, SEW-Leather-Nomadicways-travel-tulbagh-christmas-in-winter, IMG_20190515_125118 (1), SEW-Leather-Nomadicways-travel-tulbagh-christmas-in-winter2 (Something Interesting)

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May 15

Janice Scheckter @SEW Leather added a review: Building creating social and economic impact

3 years ago

October 21

Mark Greeff @SEW Leather posted the photos: Labit_047.jpeg, IMG_4753.jpeg, SEW bags.jpeg (Something Interesting)

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Church Street
Tulbagh Western Cape