Route 62 Brewing Company

Food & Dining
  • 18 Church street
  • Montagu, Western Cape
  • 7620
  • +082 452 4835

Who are we?

Artisan Brewing Company A beautiful artisan Brewing Company in the Old Post Office building on Church Street, Montagu. The original building dates back to 1888 as the original post office and during the Boer war this same building was commandeerd to be used as the headquarters for the British troops. In 1918 the building became a private residence and much later was also the home of well-known Esther Hofmeyer. This building remained a private residence until 2016, but now boasts the most gorgeous Artisan Beer Brewery, boldly marked with a big red post box in front.

Recent Activity

September 16

Amy Rise @Route 62 Brewing Company posted a photo: My favourite waffle was the pizza inspired creation. So yummy (Places)

1 year ago

Amy Rise @Route 62 Brewing Company posted a photo: Such a surprising yet satisfying combo. Waffles and beer pair really well (Places)

1 year ago

Amy Rise @Route 62 Brewing Company posted a photo: A must visit! Eugene will have you in stitches (Places)

1 year ago

September 12

Janice Scheckter @Route 62 Brewing Company: A spectacular artisanal beer and savory waffle tasting - thank you Eugene

1 year ago • 1 comment

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Christine Hughes @Route 62 Brewing Company in reply to Janice Scheckter: Thank you for the visit and glad that you enjoyed the experience.

1 year ago

August 26

Lorenzo Samuels @Route 62 Brewing Company posted the photos: scale, scale2 (Places)

1 year ago

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18 Church street
Montagu Western Cape 7620
+082 452 4835