Rooiberg Winery

  • Scenic Cape Route 62
  • Robertson, Western Cape
  • 6705
  • +023 626 1663

Who are we?

The story of Rooiberg Winery – situated in the renowned Robertson Wine Valley of South Africa – is that of a group of pioneering wine farms alongside three rivers surrounding the Rooiberg Mountain, which overlooks the cellar and its source vineyards. These are the Vink, Noree and Breede Rivers – geological features which give rise to extraordinary terroir and originally led to the establishment of these farms at a dependable source of water. Today a private company with 29 shareholder members who operate 20 farms and with exports to several countries, Rooiberg has shown a remarkable growth spiral following its founding on 14 April 1964, as well as the ability to harness nature into excellent wines for the global market. The winery this year processed a record 16 340 tons of grapes an

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Scenic Cape Route 62
Robertson Western Cape 6705
+023 626 1663