Roodezandt Kelder

  • 18 Voortrekker Road
  • Robertson
  • 6705
  • +023 626 1160

Who are we?

Founded on the 18th of September 1953 Roodezandt has a long and colourful history that dates back far and beyond its years of its existence. The name Roodezandt originates from the farm's name 'Over het Roodezandt' on which the first plots of Robertson town was allocated. The winery was established by members that delivered their grapes to the old "Sonskyn Winery" which in turn hired the building from Robertson Distillery. The building, machinery and grounds were eventually taken over by Roodezandt Winery when established on the 18th of September 1953. The name "Roodezandt" was finally accepted by the members on a meeting on the 22nd of January 1954.

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