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Who are we?

Exciting Property Development in historic Upper Montagu West Montagu West has had the fastest growth of all residential areas in Montagu during the last 2 years. Piet-se-Pad very much forms a part of this success story. In fact it has been a strong driver in the Upper Montagu West market. If you are serious about investing in Montagu, you are serious about Piet-se-Pad. The Piet-se-Pad Eco-Mountain Urban Conservation Development comprises 65 full title residential erven. More particularly, the estate is located in the historical suburb of Montagu West (Oudam), between the smallholdings and cottages along Berg Street and the proclaimed Montagu Mountain Reserve. Given its unique location, Piet-se-Pad has been developed on the basis of sound environmental principles and architectural guideline to ensure that the development occurs with the least possible impact on the natural environment, the adjoining mountain reserve and the existing aesthetics of Montagu By investing in Piet-se-Pad, pro

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Piet se Pad
Montagu, 6720 Western Cape 6720
+023614 1014