Ou Kaya Padstal & Kwekery

  • 12 BStokery Road
  • Wellington, Western Cape
  • 7655
  • +073 665 6703

Who are we?

Oukaya was named after the very old building it is in.This was a hobby that got to big. Then Braam decided to buy a place in Wellington to buy & sell plants.It took us 1 full year to the nursery in placeThis is not only plants but we sell sweet drink, dried fruit , old Furniture.This is a peacefull place for the soul to walk or relax between the plants

Recent Activity

September 13

Sune Samuels @Ou Kaya Padstal & Kwekery posted the photos: 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_01, 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_05, 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_04, 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_03 (Places)

3 years ago

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12 BStokery Road
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+073 665 6703