Olijvenhof Olive Estate

  • P O Box 736
  • Montagu, 6720, Western Cape
  • 6720
  • +076 812 6859

Who are we?

LIJVENHOF is a small family run olive estate, hidden in a beautiful, secluded, valley in the Western Cape. Tucked away in the Klein Karoo at the foothills of the Langeberg, 16km outside of Montagu, on famed Route 62 tourist route.The healing properties of olives have been written about down centuries, its oil associated with prosperity and vitality, the olive branch symbolizing peace and victory and the tree itself, capable of living for thousands of years tells of histories, territories gained and lost, groves of sanctuary and refuge. Honoring this ancient tradition, we at Olijvenhof are devoted to producing the finest extra virgin olive oil, cold pressing our olives with infinite care to retain all the vital polyphenols and producing extra virgin olive oil free of additives and preservatives. Table olives are cured with painstaking care in oak barrels producing firm black and green table olives for your enjoyment.

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P O Box 736
Montagu, 6720 Western Cape 6720
+076 812 6859