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  • 127 Interlude Farm, Blouvlei
  • Wellington, Western Cape
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Who are we?

Our Horses The horses are from a native breed called the Boerperd (Farmer’s Horse). These horses are known for their exceptional temperaments and functionality and they are sturdy and surefooted. The rider can relax and take in the surroundings while the horses carry them over rough terrain. They are patient with nervous riders and happy to go on a faster adventure with more advanced riders. Wildlife like Duiker, Baboon, Caracal and Buzzards have been spotted along the way. There are different riding options which includes riding through vineyards, fynbos and olive groves. Riding times are flexible and wine tasting rides and sunset rides are also offered.

Recent Activity

November 17

Jacky Hartzenberg @Offbeat Horse Trails posted the photos: sq9qi9c161vfxenvv20201117050947, sri4llcqqnu8gav8g20201117050947, sr0h9lv9brjgtvk5w20201117050947, saohvi8puhubyawur20201117050947, s33tv14qcmi7kfj3s20201117050947, sis530evxhus5dbpb20201117050947, shapzw43p3p0hvtb420201117050947, s1zvwky3ap08inn2c20201117050947, smlzp0xgv1kgpjbn520201117050947, sjy2d0w8r8j77yzi020201117050947, sq8zou5e8ulvk6w5l20201117050947, sonuaryy32qe9w7po20201117050947 (Something Interesting)

5 months ago

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