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Mulderbosch plants 1000 trees for Arbor Week

Posted by Ayanda Khuzwayo on 18 September 2018 4:25 AM CAT
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Mulderbosch Vineyards, just outside Stellenbosch, is planting one thousand indigenous trees to celebrate Arbor Week.

National Arbor Week is annually celebrated in South Africa during the first week of September to create awareness around environmental issues. South Africans around the country are encouraged to celebrate the importance of establishing indigenous trees, forests and removing alien plantation in our natural environment.

“This en masse tree planting illustrates our commitment to the environment and how earnestly we view our role as custodians of the land,” says Adam Mason winemaker at Mulderbosch who is also leading the tree-planting team.

The majority of the trees will be planted on a piece of land in front of the Tasting Destination. In time, this will reward visitors with an indigenous forest and the associated wildlife it will attract. The following trees will be planted:

  • Wild Olive / Olienhout. Olea Europaia sp.Africana. SA Tree number 617
  • Cape Essenhout / Kaapse Essenhout. Ekebergai capensis. SA Tree number 298
  • Breederiver Yellowwood / Breerivier Geelhout. Podocarpus elongatus. SA Tree number 15
  • Wild Almond / Wilde AmandelBrabeium Stellatifolium. SA Tree number 72
  • Cape Holly. Ilex Mites. SA Tree number 397
  • Wild Peach / Wildeperske. Kiggelaria Africana. SA Tree number 494
  • White stinkwood / Wit Stinkhout. Celtis Africana. SA Tree number 39
  • White Pear / WitpeerApodytes dimidiate. SA Tree number 422
  • Cape Gum / Smalblaar. Meterosidros Angustifolia. SA Tree number 559

The Tasting Destination, a popular spot for visitors across the globe, is an outdoor space that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings.  A comprehensive tasting of the full range of Mulderbosch wines is on offer, while a selection of thin-based wood-fired pizzas with delicious fresh toppings are served from the outdoor pizza oven.

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