Môreson Road Stall

Food & Dining
  • N1
  • De Doorns, Western Cape
  • 6875
  • +27 76 657 2086

Who are we?

Stationed right next to the N1, painted a bright yellow, with the Matroosberg and vineyards as backdrop extenuating the scene, one cannot ignore the inviting sense set by the Môreson Road Stall. By serving ‘Boeretroos’ (barista coffee) and ‘Roosterkoek’ as their signature dish, Buks and Johanet Hendrikz have surely made their cultural mark in the community of De Doorns. With an array of homemade pies and preserves, fresh produce (seasonal), novelties and meals, make sure not to miss out when passing through the Hex River Valley!

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Business Information

  • Owner: Buks & Johanet Hendrikz
  • Year Established: 2019

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De Doorns Western Cape 6875
+27 76 657 2086