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The Selfcompassion Break
If we could take our dreams of the future and open them in this moment, as if there’s no other time...
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Art Exhibition at La Galleria
La Galleria is very excited to announce Cognisance, the upcoming solo exhibition of Joni-Leigh...
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McGregor Sagtebal krieket Unie
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Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary
Do turn in at our eye-catching roadside sign from Thursdays to Sundays. Our trained guides will tell...
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Founder's Wine Club
ANNOUNCEMENT: Founder of Lord’s Wines, Jacie Oosthuizen, has been keeping a...
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Donation Show @ the courtyard
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New Year’s Eve Shipwreck Party at @jimmys_in_mcgregor
All the details for the New Year’s Eve Shipwreck Party at @jimmys_in_mcgregor The party will...
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McGregor Christmas Night Market
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Lords Wines
Just a friendly reminder to rather stock up on wine, just in case. 2021 has been throwing curve...
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at the courtyard presents Nomadic Orchestra
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