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Who are we?

The farm was first registered in 1841 and underwent a few name changes before finally being named Longridge in 1992 when commercial wine production first started.The modern cellar is situated on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch region. Stellenbosch is located in the Winelands of the Western Cape. The traditional craftsmanship and tranquillity of our winery harmoniously blends with new technology and rigorous controls. Here, according to age-old Longridge is one of the leading wine estates in the heart of the Cape winelands near Stellenbosch, South Africa and is situated at the foot of the Helderberg mountains. We have been blessed with this beautiful piece of earth, perfect for the production of top quality wine.


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October 28

Community Manager @Longridge Wine Estate: Season of Flavours previews food & wine pairings! http://bit.ly/1pTn9yM

6 years ago

October 23

Community Manager @Longridge Wine Estate: Longridge hits Top 10 of 2014 Chardonnay report. Although Raats states that he and his team (Hendrien De Munck and Albert Le Roux) work very hard to produce the best possible Chardonnay, he admitted to being pleasantly surprised by making the top ten of this prestigious report...http://bit.ly/12h858X

6 years ago

October 07

Community Manager @Longridge Wine Estate posted the photos: gallery14-180x120, Longridge-Shoot-I_18-180x120, Longridge-Shoot-I_25-180x120, Longridge-Shoot-I_62-180x120, Longridge-Shoot-I_67-180x120, Longridge-Garden_30-180x120, Longridge-Shoot-I_139-180x120, Longridge-Garden_54-180x120, VividBlue-JE-Wedding234-180x120, VividBlue-JE-Wedding244-180x120, IMG_6550-180x120, IMG_7617-180x120, Longridge_090-180x120, Longridge_112-180x120, Longridge_031-180x120, Longridge_064-180x120 (Gallery)

6 years ago

Community Manager @Longridge Wine Estate: LONGRIDGE RESTAURANT – GOURMET WITH A VIEW! Enjoy fabulous country cuisine inspired by the freshest seasonal produce from our organic kitchen garden. http://www.longridge.co.za/r...

6 years ago

Community Manager @Longridge Wine Estate re-scheduled Season of Flavours

6 years ago

Community Manager @Longridge Wine Estate scheduled Season of Flavours

6 years ago

December 13

Janice Scheckter @Longridge contributed to the wiki Profile Message

7 years ago

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