Liesa's Potjiekos

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  • Montagu, Western Cape
  • 6720
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Who are we?

Potjiekos Lunch A traditional South African meal, served on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tip: This lunch has had people coming back for more for the past 19 years, so booking is strongly recommended! Menu STARTER / VOORGEREG Homemade bread Tuisgebakte brood Farm butter Plaasbotter Homemade jam Tuisgemaakte konfyt Savoury doughnuts Vetkoek MAIN COURSE / HOOFGEREG Mutton with waterblommetjies Skaapvleis met waterblommetjies Curry beef (potatoes, carrots) Kerrie-beesvleis (aartappels, wortels) Chicken vegetables Hoender groente DESSERT / NAGEREG Baked pudding Gebakte nagerg Fruit salad Vrugteslaai Ice cream Roomys Custard Vla Coffee / Tea Take the family out for the day and come and enjoy some traditional South African food cooked the old-fashioned way on open fires.

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P O Box 17
Montagu Western Cape 6720
+023 614 3012