KWV Sensorium

  • 57 Main Road
  • Paarl, Western Cape
  • 7646
  • +27(0)21 807 3094

Who are we?

An exciting new sensory experience, the KWV Sensorium is a perfect union of South African art and the fine art of wine making. Drink in the beauty of our collection of modern South African art as you taste some of our finest award-winning wines and brandies, creatively matched to the unique character of each artwork.

Recent Activity

May 09

Mark Greeff @KWV Sensorium: Visited the Sensorium and loved it 👍🏽

4 years ago

Janice Scheckter @KWV Sensorium added a review: Great experience

4 years ago

February 16

Lorenzo Samuels @KWV Sensorium posted the photos: 1, Sensorium3, Sensorium4 (KWV Sensorium)

6 years ago

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57 Main Road
Paarl Western Cape 7646
+27(0)21 807 3094