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Kraalskloof Camping

  • Slanghoek Valley,
  • Rawsonville, Western Cape
  • 6845
  • +023 004 1396

Who are we?

While building a new irrigation dam for his farm, high up on the slopes of his mountain, the farm owner saw the possibility of creating a weekend getaway campsite. The campsite spot has unprecedented views all the way to Worcester, he felt that this spot was the perfect spot to set up a campsite. Soon after completion, the indigenous fauna and flora were reintroduced to the area and a vast stretch on the embankment was carpeted in a lawn to create a sense of space.

Recent Activity

August 03

Lize van Nieuwenhuizen @Kraalskloof Camping posted the photos: Kraalskloof 4, Kraalskloof 2, Kraalskloof 3, Kraalskloof 5.jpeg, Kraalskloof 1 (Places)

4 months ago

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