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Who are we?

Koelfontein has been the proud heritage of six generations of the Conradie Family. This is the legacy of Koelfontein farm, one which continues to sustain the lives of all who toil here in the Ceres valley to ultimately bring its bounty to other families far and wide.

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September 12

Maddenia Davis @Koelfontein posted a photo: Words cannot describe this (Something Interesting)

3 years ago

Anthea Cupido @Koelfontein posted a photo: Koelfontein, six generations and still going strong (Something Interesting)

3 years ago

Clem Indigo @Koelfontein posted a photo: ...historically beautiful! (Something Interesting)

3 years ago

August 23

Lorenzo Samuels @Koelfontein published GERT JANTJIES

3 years ago

Lorenzo Samuels @Koelfontein posted the photos: K038, 2301Koe134, atsource-apricots-881, 2010-05-20-at-14-39-28 (Places)

3 years ago

August 01

Lorenzo Samuels @Koelfontein posted a photo: Koelfontein-Nomadicways-travel-Ceres (Something Interesting)

3 years ago

July 30

Mark Greeff @Koelfontein posted a photo: Very cool wine tasting room 👍🏽 (Places)

4 years ago

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R303, Koelfontein farm
Prince Alfred's Hamlet, Ceres Western Cape 6840
+023 3133304