Koelfontein Estate

  • Off the R303, Koelfontein Estate
  • PA Hamlet, Western Cape
  • 6715
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Who are we?

Koelfontein Estate is not unlike other farms in the Boland valley of the Warm Bokkeveld. It shares the same climate and fertile soil that established the Ceres region as one of the most important deciduous fruit growing regions in South Africa. The original Koelfontein was the smallest of the first seven farms granted to the pioneers who settled in the Ceres valley in the early part of the nineteenth century, around 1823. Daniƫl Jacobus Conradie bought this 2,500 hectare farm in 1832 from the widow of the first owner. Very little is known about the first Conradie to own Koelfontein farm, but we do know that he was only 23 years old, newly married and with one child, when he made the bold step to purchase and farm this sizeable piece of land. He was born in 1809 to Pieter Jacobus and his mother, Maria Aletta Retief, was a cousin of the Voortrekker leader Piet Retief.

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Off the R303, Koelfontein Estate
PA Hamlet Western Cape 6715
+023 313 3304