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Who are we?

Situated on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, in the heart of South Africa's most famous wine region Stellenbosch, our vineyards are commonly referred to as the Home of Chenin Blanc and other premium award-winning wines. Over the years our range of top quality wines has received massive national and international acclaim with literally hundreds of awards and accolades over the last 20 years and are broadly available in reputable restaurants and exported around the globe. Ken Forrester’s philosophy has always been to create a range of handcrafted, individually made wines that suitably complement a wide variety of food styles and provide excellent value

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March 16

Mbali Buthelezi @Ken Forrester Vineyards posted the photos: KF7.jpeg, KF6.jpeg, KF8.jpeg, KF3.jpeg, KF2.jpeg, KF.jpeg, KF5.jpeg, KF4.jpeg, KF1.jpeg (A collaboration of wine, flowers and fine art)

4 years ago

Mbali Buthelezi @Ken Forrester Vineyards posted the photos: Ken8.jpeg, Ken7.jpeg, Ken9.jpeg, Ken3.jpeg, Ken2.jpeg, Ken.jpeg, Ken6.jpeg, Ken4.jpeg, Ken16.jpeg, Ken17.jpeg, Ken18.jpeg, Ken12.jpeg, Ken13.jpeg, Ken1.jpeg, Ken14.jpeg, Ken15.jpeg, Ken10.jpeg, Ken11.jpeg (Ken Forrester Wines: Stellenbosch Wine Festival 2017)

4 years ago

January 30

Mark Greeff @Ken Forrester Vineyards posted a photo: Great looking stand and great wines (Events)

6 years ago

Mark Greeff @Ken Forrester Vineyards posted a photo: The famous Ken Forester Wines (Events)

6 years ago

October 06

Community Manager @Ken Forrester Vineyards shared a video: Ken Forrester Vineyards first of series of 21 Year Celebrations

6 years ago

December 09

Janice Scheckter @Ken Forrester contributed to the wiki Profile Message

7 years ago

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+27 (0)21 855 2374