JS Gericke Library (Stellenbosch "Underground" Library)

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Who are we?

The JS Gericke Library was named after the Reverend JS (Kosie) Gericke, who served as Vice-chancellor of the university from 1952 to 1981, the same year construction commenced. It was built underneath the Jan Marais Square (also known as the “Rooiplein”), as there were no other centrally situated building sites available at the time and the university’s management did not want to deface the square with a multistoreyed building.

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August 27

Lorenzo Samuels @JS Gericke Library (Stellenbosch "Underground" Library) posted the photos: index, index2 (Places)

11 months ago

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Victoria St & Ryneveld Street
Stellenbosch Western Cape 7599
+27(0)21 808 4883