Elli Organic Boutique

  • Shop 3, Frater Square, 40A Main Road
  • Paarl, Western Cape
  • 7646
  • +082 458 0304/ 062 119 4976

Who are we?

Discover the essence of Africa with the Elli beauty range. The therapeutic properties and unique fragrances of the African flora were the inspiration for the 100% organic Elli products. Elli boutique is situated in Frater square amid farmlands, against the slope of Paarl mountain : a beautiful, restful venue in synergy with nature and natural. Elli Boutique showcases our ORGANIC Elli skin care ranges, carefully crafted by HERBS-APLENTY with an array of African botanicals and active ingredients.

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February 17

Lorenzo Samuels @Herbs-Aplenty t/a Elli Organic Boutique posted the photos: IMG_6479, IMG_5596.jpeg, Balm Group 6.jpeg (Elli Organic Boutique)

3 years ago

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Shop 3, Frater Square, 40A Main Road
Paarl Western Cape 7646
+082 458 0304/ 062 119 4976