Groenlandfarm Guesthouse and Restaurant

  • Middelvoet Pad 87
  • Montagu , Western Cape
  • 6720
  • +082 2554675

Who are we?

Groenland Charm, the guesthouse: A historic farmhouse, wooden floors and ceilings, a charming lounge and stylish breakfast room. The big terrace next to a willow tree at the edge of a small dam is the perfect place to relax and reenergize your body and soul. Our night sky is free of light pollution, and on a clear night you are embedded by the Milky Way, stars, shooting stars and satellites. Prices include Breakfast. Groenlandbarn, the restaurant: When entering through the arches of the doors you feel like being carried through history into another time. Many items collected by the owners let you sense all the different cultures. The same time it snuggly hugs you with a feeling of coziness. During the chilly nights a wood fired oven gives you enough warmth. The petite bar and a small stage point out a possibility of functions for up to 40 people. Opening Hours: Thursday to Saturday in the evenings. Sunday from Midday BOOKING ESSENTIAL

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