Wild Boar Trails(MTB Trails & Trail Runing)

  • Bovlei Road
  • Wellington, Western Cape
  • 7655
  • +082 857 3180

Who are we?

Wild Boar Trails (MTB Trails & Trail Running) is a company specialising in creating and organising physical outdoor events such as Mountain Biking – and Trail Running races. They are also involved in building and mapping out single tracks trails of the highest standard at Val du Charron keeping in consideration to incorporate various levels of difficulties for the various abilities of athletes. They are especially known for events such as: The Masgcor Cederberg100Miler MTB Race that has the options of a 1-Day Race or a 2-Day Race. The Rhodes Gravel Travel Race which includes a 25km or 50km MTB Race and a 10km Trail Run The Olympic Dirty Double which is 8km Trail Tun followed by a 20km MTB Race and can be entered by individuals or relay teams

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Bovlei Road
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+082 857 3180