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  • Wellington, Western Cape
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Who are we?

Goeters is a company that specialise in the design of weddings, corporate affairs, television shoots, stage shows, and any other special events. Nothing is impossible for them to create and they thrive on a challenge and pride themselves on their ability to provide each event with a unique look and feel. Their approach to event design involves consepsualizing a creative concept for your function, and supplying all the ingredients necessary to achieve the vision. They are especially equipped to provide decorative styling, lighting, furniture, dance floors, and anything else that needs a creative touch. Goeters grew from a love of beautiful things; not just everyday pretty trinkets, but pieces that stand out above the ordinary. Their passion for the unique and exceptional has seen them grow from a small start-up business to one of the biggest event design companies in South Africa. They are truly proud of the work they have done locally and as well as international clients. Their focu

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22 Malherbe street, Wellington
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+(0)82 8402928