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  • Montagu, Western Cape
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Who are we?

Our bicycles are Dutch-style, single speed, backpedal, well loved town bikes. Nothing fancy. Just wheels and pedals. Share our triple love: Montagu, Art & Cycling. Cycling is freedom. It brings you closer to the community, to the people, the smells and sounds of Montagu. Feel the Karoo wind in your hair. Smell the braai fires. No car window. No filters. Just Montagu. Hope you are ready to surrender yourself to the magical Klein Karoo tranquility and beauty. Hop on one of our bikes and escape into Karoo hospitality, architecture, culture, art, history, muscadel and good food. So cycle around town, stop and chat to a local or go for a picnic and marvel at the Langeberge’s geological features. If you’re looking for a mall, it’s only 70km’s West. Here we specialize in peace, good food, happy people and a lot of beauty.

Recent Activity

September 16

Amy Rise @Flying Feet Guided Town Tour: Such a fun, eco-friendly, economical way to explore this town. Highly recommended. You Will feel like a child again.

1 year ago

September 12

Janice Scheckter @Flying Feet Guided Town Tour: Repurposed and repainted bikes by artists used for a seriously fab city tour.

1 year ago

September 09

Siyanda Edwana @Flying Feet Guided Town Tour posted a photo: test (Places)

1 year ago

August 26

Lorenzo Samuels @Flying Feet Guided Town Tour posted the photos: Flying Feet2, Flying Feet3, Flying Feet (Places)

1 year ago

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24 Bath Street
Montagu Western Cape 6720
+076 891 3623