Druk My Niet Wines Cottages

  • Bo Dal Road, Dal Josafat
  • Paarl, Western Cape
  • 7646
  • +27(0)21 868 2393

Who are we?

It is a 24ha farm in Paarl which was originally granted to the Huguenot, Francois du Toit in 1692 as a portion of Kleinbosch Farm. The buildings on the farm are some of the oldest in the Paarl valley and have enormous historical significance. They have 3 beautiful self catering cottages on the farm surrounded by the mountains and nature.

Recent Activity

August 25

Wilandre Johnson @Druk My Niet Wines Cottages posted the photos: Druk my Niet 8, 207FB1~1, Druk My Niet 3, Druk my Niet 2, Druk my Niet 1, 20478F~1, Druk my Niet 7, Druk my Niet 6, Druk my Niet 5, Druk my Niet 4 (Druk-My-Niet Wines Cottages)

4 weeks ago

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Bo Dal Road, Dal Josafat
Paarl Western Cape 7646
+27(0)21 868 2393