Deetlefs Estate

  • Rawsonville, Western Cape
  • 6845
  • +023 34 91260

Who are we?

A sustainable Family Wine Business in the medium and high segment that unlocks opportunities through a bold approach, creating an ultimate service and lifestyle experience… A maiden voyage from Europe on 3 October 1752 was the start of a legacy and set in motion the story of the 2nd oldest wine estate in South Africa owned by the same family (Established 1822). This boldly individual approach, dynamic team, long-term focus and mutually beneficial business relationships have created substantial and sustainable growth over the past 15 years. The Deetlefs Wine Group has vast experience in production, bottling, packaging and distribution of wines and incorporates Deetlefs Wines, Deetlefs Bottling and Deetlefs Laboratory. This BRC certified and Fairtrade accredited wine estate boasts the top rated Wine Laboratory in South Africa for 2007; 2009, 2010 and 2011 (out of 52 wine laboratories). Deetlefs produces an extensive range of wines including Deetlefs Familie, Deetlefs Estate, Deetlefs Wi

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