De Oude Drostdy Museum

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Who are we?

The Drostdy with its Neo Classical style was design by Louis Michel Thibault in 1805. After being damaged by rain/ fire and earthquake it was restored in 1974 and houses a fine collection of early Cape furniture and house hold articles.

Recent Activity

September 20

Lida Hanekom @De Oude Drostdy Museum posted the photos: IMG_20220401_141355, nuwe ad, 273768771_7079572875447035_8697738882383449426_n, 296535230_371135881841435_7659644030146890086_n, 306511274_5893320294011894_1849875198315598712_n (Drostdy)

2 months ago

Lida Hanekom @De Oude Drostdy Museum posted the photos: 302431870_5852764658067458_7760303150150234403_n, 302516182_5852768474733743_8834628924493906932_n, 283462425_5306236016089505_8859215343286715134_n, 277557918_290320386589652_4583336414854937221_n, 302452650_5852765814734009_2483504920437592624_n, 302521803_5852764298067494_2009164122209735602_n, 198867802_115231584098534_2005501529806081506_n, 298783448_5797731950237396_1700874352043134406_n, 244079239_4816422051701729_8623044545462131333_n (Drostdy)

2 months ago

August 13

Maddenia Davis @De Oude Drostdy Museum posted the photos: Drostdy 5, Drostdy 6, Drostdy 3, Drostdy 4, Drostdy 2, Drostdy 1, Drostdy, Drostdy 7 (Drostdy)

1 year ago

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Winterhoek Road
Tulbagh Western Cape 6820
+067 184 0041