Daneel Diamond Manufacturers

  • 174 Dorp Street
  • Stellenbosch, Western Cape
  • 7600
  • +021 887 1108

Who are we?

It has long been known that beneath South Africa’s wondrous landscape lies untold wealth. Embedded in its depth are stones so precious that their lure is known throughout the world. And of all the gems, none holds greater value than the South African diamond. It brilliantly reflects the soul of its people. In 1985 Daneel Diamond Manufacturers was founded by Stellenbosch born John Daneel (MSc, MBA, Member Jewellery Council of South Africa). We are the only De Beers sight holder in the Western Cape and thus provide South African diamonds directly from the mine to the finger. For decades Daneel Diamond Manufacturers has served the public with unsurpassed quality diamonds and jewellery. Our excellent reputation has made our success story possible.

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174 Dorp Street
Stellenbosch Western Cape 7600
+021 887 1108