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  • 44 Bath Street
  • Montagu,6720, Western Cape
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Who are we?

In Real Estate - a cut above the rest If you need a Montagu property sales agency who knows their stuff, then look no further than Christine Laubscher Properties. We are Montagu property sales specialists, concentrating specifically on the local Montagu area. Christine Laubscher has been the most successful Montagu property sales agent for several years, continuing to hold the majority market share in Montagu residential property sales. And it is no wonder. Apart from her degree in economics, Christine Laubscher knows the ins and outs of selling and buying property in Montagu like no other agent can. Drawing on almost two decades of experience and extensive contacts within the area, Christine will ensure you get the best of the best from your Montagu home or plot. Christine Laubscher Properties offers exceptional service that does not end after the contract is signed. Once the deal is done and dusted, they will ensure that all your needs are met, that your expectations are fulfill

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44 Bath Street
Montagu,6720 Western Cape 6720
+023 614 3959