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Who are we?

Founded in 2016 to help to prevent the further decline of the cheetah species, Ashia is successfully reintroducing carefully chosen cheetah to game reserves and national parks in southern Africa. The Ashia Cheetah Center just outside Paarl is the base for the project’s substantial cheetah conservation and animal welfare operations which take place in coordination with the relevant local and international conservation authorities. They are a not-for-profit organization.


Recent Activity

January 16

Kerry Boughton @Cheetah Experience - Ashia: Over the last months our project has made a huge progress and, although, we have not yet reached the end of the journey we would like to give all our friends and supporters of the project the opportunity to visit us for an exciting “sneak preview”. Mid of January Phase IV of the project will start with the renovation of the Main Farm House and construction of further enclosures for servals, caracals and leopards. As Phase IV will only effect small areas of the sanctuary we will continue to except bookings for all Cheetah Experiences we have on offer. Please notice that during our soft opening phase we have to request pre-booking for all visits in order to ensure that there is always a staff member available to provide a memorable animal experience, to take you through the project, our next conservation steps and future plans.

4 years ago • 1 comment

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Lorenzo Samuels @Cheetah Experience - Ashia in reply to Kerry Boughton: Thank you so much for sharing this information with us Kerry. We are sure there will be supporters wanting to take part in this wonderful initiative. Keep up the great work.

4 years ago

May 30

Kerry Boughton @Cheetah Experience - Ashia contributed to the wiki Profile Message

4 years ago

Kerry Boughton @Cheetah Experience - Ashia: We are so happy to announce to safe arrival of our next 3 cheetahs at Ashia. Abby, Xena and Libby travelled well and have now settled into their new home. No one showed signs of stress - they were exploring their hills and houses and taking in the amazing Paarl sunset. They all had something to eat and Xena is now snuggled up in her house. We have had tears of excitement and glasses of bubbly to celebrate their safe and happy arrival.

4 years ago

Kerry Boughton @Cheetah Experience - Ashia: OPENING SPECIAL – 50% DISCOUNT ON VOLUNTEERING IN JUNE, JULY & AUGUST 2017 We are really excited to have phase one of our project completed - our first three cheetahs are now with us here at Cheetah Experience Ashia. Our ambassador cubs Alpha, Ava and Anya arrived on Monday and have been settling in very well. They have taken the move in their stride and have been busy exploring and running in their new enclosure. The building work on our new volunteer house is on schedule, and we are thrilled to be opening our volunteer doors in June. To celebrate the official opening of our volunteer project, we are offering a 50% discount on all volunteer arrivals between June and September 2017. Come and be the first people to experience the joy that our beautiful cheetahs will bring into your heart. Contact for more information

4 years ago

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633 Eben Farm, Sonstraal Road
Paarl Western Cape 7646
+27(0)72 956 3282