Ceres Transport Riders "Togryers" Museum

  • 8 Oranje Street
  • Ceres, Western Cape
  • 6835
  • +023 312 2045

Who are we?

The Ceres Togryers museum will take you back in time to experience the history of the San and their rock paintings, meteorite fall, the life of the transport riders, the ox wagons, the destructive earthquake in 1969 and the forces removals during 1960. Fully equiped conference facility available with seating for approximately 35 people.

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September 12

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

August 02

Lorenzo Samuels @Ceres Transport Riders Museum posted the photos: Togryers Museum-Ceres-nomadicways-travel2, Togryers Museum-Ceres-nomadicways-travel (Something Interesting)

2 years ago

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8 Oranje Street
Ceres Western Cape 6835
+023 312 2045