Breytenbach Centre

  • 14 Burger Street
  • Wellington, Western Cape
  • 7655
  • +021 8732786
Jun 9 Sat
  1. Her Blues Goes Acoustic

    6:00 AM - 11:00 AM CAT
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    @ Breytenbach Sentrum
    Venue: Die Bordienghuis, Breytenbach Sentrum
    Pizza and wine: 12pm
    Show starts: 2pm
    Tickets: R150
    Bookings: or phone 021 873 2786

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    Her Blues made its debut in May 2018. Crowds went bonkers. The 9 piece band, directed by Richard H Nosworthy made an enormous impact on lovers of Blues and Jazz. In ‘Her Blues goes Acoustic’ a selection of cast members give a shortened and stripped down version of the concert, now suitable for smaller and more intimate venues.

    The Blues has always been about a shared experience. The show is about the women in blues, their stories and their songs. Luna Paige performs some of their most famous blues songs. She time travels with the audience. They kick off in old gin bars of the 1920’s, boogie-woogie in the 50’s and have soul in the 60’s and the 70’s. Famous Blues and Jazz-influenced tunes by singers such as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Janis Joplin can be enjoyed. Blues-rock fans can also look forward to songs by modern singer-songwriters who were all influenced by die legendary blues women from the past. Songs from artists such as Tracy Chapman, Melody Gardot and Amy Winehouse can be expected.

    “Women feel inspired! Men grin from ear to ear. It’s inspirational. It’s sexy. It’s fun”!

    Luna Paige on vocals, Simon Orange on keys, Michael Bester on guitars and Sean Sanby on bass and double bass. An official Iluminar Productions production. Sponsored by ClemenGold Gin.