Brenda's Preserves Pty Ltd

Food & Dining
  • Spice Route Farm, Suider Agter Paarl
  • Paarl, Western Cape
  • 7646
  • +021 863 3392/3

Who are we?

Brenda’s journey started in different corners of the world and culminated in South Africa’s beautiful Western Cape. Our founder, Brenda de Jager, has always had a love for food and entertaining and has traveled the gastronomic globe, taking in countries like Morocco, Spain and Argentina. Brenda has taken on board the diversity of fresh food markets and seasonal produce. It started with culinary experiments in her home; expanding her range of products necessitated a move to her double garage and from here it quickly developed into a fully-fledged business. Although her kitchen was fairly spacious the move to the garage resulted in much more space. It also enabled her to start a production line though at this time she could not nearly envisage what her eventual production line would look like a few years down the line.

Recent Activity

October 15

Wilandre Johnson @Brenda's Preserves Pty Ltd posted the photos: Brendas-Deli-Gallery-2 (1), Spice-Route-Brendas-deli-pouring-spices, Brendas-Deli-Gallery-1, photo1, Brendas-Deli-Gallery-3, Spice-Route-Brendas-deli-deli-items, Picture1 (Brenda's Preserves Pty Ltd)

1 year ago

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