Breedekloof Wine Valley

  • P.O. Box 111
  • Rawsonville, Western Cape
  • 6845
  • +023 349 1791

Colour Splash

Posted by Ayanda Khuzwayo on 29 October 2018 2:55 PM CAT
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10:00 Gates open 

11:00 Boeresport for everyone

11:50 Zumba Warm-up 

12:00 Touch Rugby

13:00 Family Boeresport 

13:00 18 KM Cycle 

14:00 Zumba Warm-up

14:15 Touch Rugby and Tug-of-war

14:30 8KM colour run

15:00 Couple Boeresport (13 years and older)

16:00 Touch Rugby 

16:45 Zumba warm-up for the 2km fun walk 

17:00 2km fun walk

17:30 Kiddies Boeresport 

19:00 Family Fun 

20:00 Chill En 'Kuier'

At the main food stall

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International wine critic and Master of Wine Tim Atkin’s recent release of his 7th annual SA report is set to raise the bar for SA wines, as he scores the 2015 Kanonkop 100-points, a first ever awarded to a New World wine and praises both 2015 and 2017 as outstanding SA vintages.

Tim’s thorough report not only highlights these vintages but scores important wines in the industry and focuses on ten of the latest wine trends in SA, including the impact of the drought, the Old Vines Project, and the burgeoning fine wine sector. 

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Dwarsberg Year End Functions

Posted by Ayanda Khuzwayo on 20 September 2018 11:30 AM CAT
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Underneath is our menu option for a year-end function, we also have cash bar facilities available.

Buffet meal includes the following:
∞ Starter (Bread table with soup)
∞ Main course of chicken pie & roast beef OR Roast beef & honey glazed pork neck chop
∞ Potato wedges OR Potato bake with bacon & cheese OR Basmati rice OR Sweet potato & Butternut bake
∞ Three Salads (Green Salad OR Greek Salad OR Baby Beet Salad OR Tuscan Pasta Salad) OR Three Vegetables (Pumpkin “Koekies" With Caramel Sauce OR Cauliflower and Broccoli Cake OR Green Beans With Feta & Tomato OR Sweet Potato OR Creamed spinach & Feta OR Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables
The vegetables and salad can be mixed.
∞ One baked pudding (Sticky toffee OR Chocolate OR Malva)
∞ Two individual desserts (Koeksister OR Cupcakes OR Mousse Cups OR Cheese Cups OR Donuts OR Brownies)

Spitbraai includes the following:
∞ Starter (chicken sosatie and “cocktail” sausage
∞ Main course (whole lamb, bread table or garlic bread,
potatoes on the spit, 3 vegetables or 3 salads).
∞ Baked pudding with custard

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