Braveheart Kidz @ Peace Ministries

  • 9 Malherbe St
  • De Doorns, Western Cape
  • 6855
  • +27 23 356 3188

Who are we?

This company is a children’s house of safety which serves as a temporary shelter for children. The Home provides the first step in care of children in need within the valley’s service area and assiststhe families involved. Situated in a spacious home in an established De Doorns suburb, the facility is well equipped to care for the needs of children. The facility caters for orphans and children whose parents are too ill or unable to care for them. The home thus provides a place of safety for children in need and a home for foster care children. As the Hex River Valley has a large underprivileged population, there is a considerable need for this service. As Braveheart Kidz @ Peace Ministries works together with local government, welfare organizations and local clinics, the best care possible is given to these children. The children are well cared for and are generally healthy, happy children. This company is a public benefit organization.

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9 Malherbe St
De Doorns Western Cape 6855
+27 23 356 3188