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Who are we?

This is a hiking trail that provides an interesting glimpse of the history of transport of the former Cape Colony. The full length of the Botterboom Hiking Trail is a two and a half day hike and it was designed to provide enjoyment and some adventure for both serious walkers and casual outdoor enthusiasts. The region is steeped in history and is exceptionally pretty and as the trail takes in all aspects of the region, it provides a little of something for everyone. The trail follows part of the route of the first railroad built to the north of the country in the 1870’s. This was constructed through the mountains of the Hex River Valley and became the main form of transport to Kimberley for the Diamond Rush period. Hikers will have the opportunity to see a large variety of indigenous plants on the trail so look out for Botterboom, Aloe, Ghwarrie and Namaquakoeniebos. The hike begins at the Veldskoen Padstal on the N1 highway. Hikers need to obtain a permit from here before starting.

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N1 Highway,
De Doorns Western Cape 6875
+27 76 694 6223