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Who are we?

At Bosjes, you’ll find the beauty and comfort of today steeped in a history that dates back to the late 18th century.Where the congregation in the sky meets at the chapel in the mountain to celebrate the union of culinary delights and nature’s biblical beauty. Situated in the beautiful Breede Valley, visitors will be able to enjoy the impressive landscape as well as the historical architecture and the modern additions that complement them so well. Bosjes, meaning small bushes, is a working farm, where fine wines complement the local olive oil, and masses of flowers are cultivated in the surrounding fields. Hiking, game- and bird-watching, draw the nature-lovers and those yearning to let the stress and pressure of life melt away. The tranquillity of the gardens that speak of Biblical times creates an aura that invites repeated visits. Mouth-watering meals and home treats spoil guests in the family friendly bistro and tea garden, while the luxury accommodation ensures the sleep of peace.

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September 12

Glen Hunt @Bosjes: The gardens here and simply amazing. Totally worth the visit.

2 years ago

September 10

Siyanda Edwana @Bosjes: In the Cape, can't wait to explore Breedekloof as a whole!

2 years ago

August 29

Lorenzo Samuels @Bosjes posted the photos: Bosjes2, Bosjes3, Bosjes, Bosjes4 (Something Interesting)

2 years ago

August 27

Lorenzo Samuels @Bosjes posted the photos: Kombuis-04, Chapel-2 (Places)

2 years ago

October 24

March 22

Lize van Nieuwenhuizen @Bosjes posted the photos: Bosjes 10, Bosjes 12, Bosjes 11, Bosjes 14, Bosjes 13, Bosjes 2, Bosjes 16, Bosjes 3, Bosjes 15, Bosjes-_016, Bosjes 17, Bosjes 1, Bosjes 8, Bosjes 9, Bosjes 6, Bosjes 7, Bosjes 4, Bosjes 5 (Places)

5 years ago

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