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Boland’s Big Celebrations on 17 June 2016!!!

Posted by Lizmar van den Elst on 02 August 2016 7:15 AM CAT
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Founded in 1941, Boland Cellar in the beautiful Paarl Valley is one of South Africa’s oldest producer cellars and a regional specialist with a history of cultivating and crafting internationally acclaimed wines.

The ethos of collaboration which led to the establishment of Boland has remained until today and with growers, employees, agents and stakeholders working together, Boland has become one of South Africa’s leading brands. Prime vineyards across various climatic zones guarantee consistency in style and quality year after year.

The cellar’s dedicated producer members deliver grapes from approximately 2,500 hectares (almost 6,200 acres), from various vineyard sites in the Cape Coastal Area. These variations in terroir, microclimates and soil-types combined with science and dedicated craftmanship, give Boland’s celebrated winemaking team the advantage to create wines of both high quality and distinctive character.

Celebrations Day – 17 June 2016  

On this specific day, Boland will join the global Chenin fraternity by celebrating International Chenin Blanc Day – and we want all our media partners to participate in #drinkchenin on the 17th June!                                                   However, we have another historic celebration to enjoy on 17 June – and that is that Boland will commemorate its 75th birthday and the pioneering spirit of a small group of grape growers in the Paarl area who, after considering all their options, decided to be bold and to establish their own co-operative winery!

 Boland’s passion for Chenin Blanc                                                                     

Boland Cellar and its winemakers have an unfaltering relationship with, and passion for the diverse potential and intrinsic qualities of Chenin Blanc as a prime South African cultivar and exceptional wine. Over the years, Boland’s Chenin Blanc’s were awarded numerous national and international awards.

Boland’s Five Climates Range                                                                            

 Inspired by nature’s different climatic zones, each wine in this series represents a single varietal, cultivated from various vineyard sites within the region. These grapes are skillfully blended to create an expression of each varietal.

Five Climates Chenin Blanc                                                                                       

The Five Climates Range of wines is crafted to appeal to today’s contemporary wine drinkers, with upfront aromas, juiciness and soft tannins that work together to create easy-drinking yet high-quality wines.

The Five Climates Chenin Blanc 2016 vintage is an outstanding wine in the typical fresh, crispy and fruity style of Chenin Blanc projecting layers of lime, citrus & fresh guava aromas – an ideal wine with a lively taste for everyday enjoyment.

Boland’s Reserve No1 Range                                                                            

 Boland’s Reserve No1 range comprises the cellar’s finest wines. It represents a collection of very special wines, carefully chosen by the winemaking team as being exceptional expressions of the grape. Using hand-selected grapes, crafted to perfection, this prestigious range employs a combination of advanced growing and vinicultural techniques, while respecting traditional methods including ‘sur lie’ ageing (leaving the wine on the lees for longer).

Boland’s Reserve No1 2014 Chenin Blanc (Wooded)                                        

 This fine handcrafted Chenin Blanc has layers of peach, lime, herbs and nuts on the nose and is well supported by integrated French Oak tannins. The “Sur Lie” extended lees contact period adds complexity, and a creamy, textured mouth feel to the wine – it’s delicious with spicy food, calamari and prawn risotto.

Boland’s Reserve No1 2014 Chenin Blanc (Unwooded)                                                

This unwooded wine shows an exceptional expression of the Chenin Blanc variety and has been proven a popular choice with wine lovers. The perfect balance between the prominent litchi fruit and the depth of guava lingers with subtle flavours on the palate. The “Sur Lie” extended lees contact period adds complexity and a creamy, textured mouth feel to the wine – it’s delicious with seafood, chicken and a trustworthy choice for any occasion.

Message to all Wine and All Chenin Blanc Lovers!                                                                                                             Join in Celebrating #drinkchenin and Boland Cellar’s 75thanniversary on 17 June 2016 and everyday following!!!

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