Avalon Springs Resort

  • Uitvlucht Street
  • Montagu, Western Cape
  • 6720
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Who are we?

Hot Springs - a haven for all seasons The Avalon Springs Resort can best be described as an oasis at the gateway to the Little Karoo. The Resort is located between two mountain ranges and boasts crystal clear air, away from all pollution. It is strategically positioned on the scenic drive between the Garden Route area and Cape Town. The approach to Montagu from Ashton, through Cogman’s Kloof, is awesome. It is ideally situated weather wise – south enough to avoid the heat of the Karoo and north enough to avoid the long, wet Cape winters. It is truly a haven for all seasons. In winter, the days are warm and sunny and rainfall is virtually unknown. In spring, the Resort is transformed into a kaleidoscope of greens and browns, as the adjacent peach and plum trees bloom in their freshness. In October, the bougainvilla and roses are at their best.

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September 16

Amy Rise @Avalon Springs Resort posted a photo: I love Avalon Springs. Will come again soon (Places)

3 years ago

Amy Rise @Avalon Springs Resort posted a photo: Caution. This Blue Shark cocktail is moreish and delicious. The 'bite' kicks in later... (Places)

3 years ago

Amy Rise @Avalon Springs Resort: A great way to decompress, detox the mind and soak the stress away.

3 years ago

September 12

Janice Scheckter @Avalon Springs Resort: Famous for hot springs and cool cocktails in a stunning setting.

3 years ago

August 26

Lorenzo Samuels @Avalon Springs Resort posted the photos: health-spa-4, deluxe-suite201907 - Avalon Springs, img (22)-W441, hot-springs-4, hot-springs-5 (Places)

3 years ago

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Uitvlucht Street
Montagu Western Cape 6720
+023 614 1150