Anglo-Boer War Memorial

  • Taillefert Street, Laborie Wine Farm
  • Paarl
  • 7646
  • +021 863 3366

Who are we?

The Anglo Boer War Memorial which focuses on the struggle of the Cape Afrikaners, and other Colonists who actively supported, or were sympathetic to, the Transvaal and Free State republics in the ABW (1899-1902). It is a place of quiet contemplation where the harm and suffering which our forebears had to withstand during the ABW may be remembered about the principles of Freedom and Justice, and those who fought for it.

Recent Activity

February 16

Lorenzo Samuels @Anglo-Boer War Memorial posted the photos: 9, 10, REBELLEMONUMENT LABORIE (5) (Anglo Boer War Memorial)

5 years ago

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