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Who are we?

Aaldering Vineyards & Wines located in Stellenbosch, is inspired by the peace and tranquility of the vineyard's natural beauty. The serenity of the vineyards is epitomized by ducks gliding on the farm reservoir, eagles circling overhead, and small game meandering shyly between the vines.

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June 28

Mbali Buthelezi @Aaldering posted a photo: Aaldering (Something Interesting)

5 years ago

April 21

Mbali Buthelezi @Aaldering scheduled Test 21 April

5 years ago

October 22

Mark Greeff @Aaldering: Just finished an amazing tasting at the Wine School. Amazing wines, thanks Lundie

5 years ago

Mark Greeff @Aaldering posted a photo: Absolutely fabulous dropπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ (Events)

5 years ago

Mark Greeff @Aaldering scheduled Thirty Thursday @ The WineSchool

5 years ago

Mark Greeff @Aaldering posted a photo: Words cannot describe this (Events)

5 years ago

Mark Greeff @Aaldering posted a photo: The South African Dream (Events)

5 years ago

Mark Greeff @Aaldering posted a photo: Great wine tasting, thanks to LindiπŸ‘πŸ‘ (Events)

5 years ago

September 23

Janice Scheckter @Aaldering: showing George this profile

6 years ago

April 15

Mark Greeff @Aaldering contributed to the wiki wiki

7 years ago

March 18

Gareth Trollope @Aaldering scheduled Join us at our tasting room

7 years ago

January 14

Gareth Trollope @Aaldering re-scheduled Tasting Room

7 years ago

Gareth Trollope @Aaldering scheduled Tasting Room

7 years ago

December 14

Janice Scheckter @Aaldering contributed to the wiki Profile Message

7 years ago

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