Marketing destination travel has become increasingly difficult in recent years. In the past, hospitality brands regularly advertised in newspapers and magazines and on television, hoping to reach maybe one in a million.

But recent trends have encouraged travel businesses to pursue more personalized marketing methods. Smart destination-travel providers now leverage loyalty programs, customized experiences and technology to drive additional bookings, return visits and sales.

The way we at think about the world of travel and tourism, a little differently. People visit places and travellers no longer like the label of “tourist,”. Many would rather get to know a destination, as opposed to hitting all the overhyped attractions. To offer advice on what is popular with residents and create seamless opportunities for customers to experience them, is special and wanted. Tourists today will enjoy exploring the hidden spots you tell them about, participating in local activities and eating traditional cuisine.

We think of everyone on a route or destination being part of the marketing team for that route. This is from the butcher and baker to the hotel maker, from the township tavern to the spectacular spa. You get the picture. We build mobile apps with functionality that can include every business on a route and we understand that the tourist of today wants something that is hyperlocal. But included in those mobile apps is the opportunity to create travel TV with all your marketers along the route, across the African region while building capacity across the businesses on the route. Read on to discover more on the following links or contact us to discuss your needs.

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