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Businesses-05.jpgCapture of the tourist dollar has historically been by the large hospitality and tourism players. Their access to the market via smart and expensive marketing has rewarded them. But along every tourist route, there are small and micro enterprises who add value in terms of experience but are often not found. Added to this is the fact that tourism to southern African markets is growing in popularity. This part of the provides the opportunity for those in the business of tourism, towns and routes to collaborate and innovate. Ensure that you create a profile for your business whether it's directly in the tourism space or a value add service to the industry and start collaborating today.

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Zandvliet Wynkelder

P.O. Box 36 Ashton, Western Cape 6720 SOUTH AFRICA

Phone: +023 615 1146

Web site:

Category: Winery

Zandvliet Wine Estate, situated on the outskirts of the Robertson Valley’s Wine Route and within close proximity to the famed Route 62, which connects the Western and Eastern Cape regions in South Africa. The story of Zandvliet is all about Shiraz, being one of South Africa’s first Shiraz producers ; with a history that extends back to first plantings during the 1870’s. Time honoured tradition balanced with genuine investment ensures the highest quality of wines and pure luxury in a glass. The magical key to our success lies locked within the soils of Zandvliet. Known as calcareous Karoo, with a red clay underlay, dotted with pockets of chalky limestone; this is what we call Kalkveld, and it’s the driving force behind our classical wines. Firm acidity, concentrated flavours and mineral traces are delicately managed from vineyard to cellar.

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